SD Street Doctor

WINNER: Best Overall App — Honorable Mention

Easily report potholes and other street maintenance issues as you find them with this mobile app. Three simple steps:

  1. Choose the type of problem (pothole, sidewalk/curb, graffiti, traffic sign, flooding, other).
  2. Your current location will automatically load on a map. Tap where the problem is located.
  3. Describe the problem, and provide your contact information. Your information is saved so that you don't have to enter it every time you use the app.

After you submit the report will automatically be sent to the street maintenance department through You will receive an email confirming what you reported, and as soon as the city starts working on the issue you will receive status updates from them.

This is a mobile optimized website that was designed for the iphone, but also works on android and other phones, as well as desktop computers.

Let's let our city know what streets need maintenance so we can continue to make San Diego the best city ever!

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