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almost 7 years ago

Public voting is now open

The public voting period for the AT&T San Diego Apps Challenge is in full swing! 

Browse the Application Gallery and vote for your favorites daily until May 23. Your vote will help determine who takes home the two Popular Choice Award prizes.

Next-steps for Challenge Participants

  1. See what place your submission is in.* Click on your submission, and check out the Current Standings to the right of your video.
  2. Make your app available for download. Let people try it out. Does the website listed on your submission include a link for people to download your app? Make it easy for the general public to access it.
  3. Rally your network to vote! Send a personal email, add a link in your email signature/chat status, and spread the word via your social networks. Don't be afraid to get creative. (To ensure the integrity of the competition, no bots or other unfair/fraudulent voting practices please. See full details in the Official Rules to avoid being disqualified.)

How often can I vote?

You can vote once per day per submission, and for as many submissions as you'd like. 


If you have any questions about the competition, please email us at and include "SD Apps" in the subject line.

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*Note: We will be fully investigating all votes before determining the winners. Just because a vote appears on the site does not mean it is an eligible vote. We check votes via a wide variety of criteria and are confident that any bad votes won't be counted. If you want to make sure we notice fraudulent votes, email us at with the subject "Bad SD votes" and include a link to the submission in question.